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While bugging out is important, it should always be plan B, because there’s only a handful of emergencies that can force you to flee

Most disasters and catastrophes require you to bug in for at least 3 weeks and wait for the dust to settle…

First, you need a stockpile. A solid stockpile should also include water, medicine and tools to fix and maintain your home and garden, plus a few must-have items that will be hard to come by post-collapse such as canning lids. The good news is, they’re all dirt-cheap. For now at least, because the prices will sky-rocket post-collapse, so the smart and only thing to do is to get them while they’re still dirt-cheap.

Next, you need to prepare your home, the fortress that will provide food, water and shelter in any disaster. The good news you only need to make small changes to drastically improve security and the odds of you surviving home invasions… but you have to start looking at your home from a tactical perspective.

Last but not least, the 3rd pillar of a solid bug-in plan is having renewable food, water and energy, to live self-sufficiently for months, years or even your whole life… To bug in forever, so to speak.

All of these sound simple and they are, but bugging in has its own set of challenges.

“How to bug in forever”, by dan f. sullivan

This is the only survival course filled to the brim with actionable advice that you won’t find anywhere else. Believe me, I checked. My years of experience, learning from dozens of world-class preppers, reading military manuals (plus anything I could get my hands on) and being part of the prepping community… all of these have given me a body of survival knowledge that is unmatched.

To prove it to you, here’s just a glimpse of what you can discover inside:

● How to build a one year stockpile… and fast. I’m talking healthy survival food, not the garbage, military MRE or “emergency food kits”…

● I’m going to reveal my full list of 50+ delicious survival superfoods that are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you desperately need not just in survival situations, but every single day.

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