Doomsday Medicine Chest Is A Cash Machine

If you’re stockpiling conventional medicine for a national disaster, terrorist strike, or economic meltdown you are wasting your time.

Expert preppers – the ones who will actually be prepared when SHTF, know that stockpiling pharmaceuticals is no solution for any long term disaster.

Every medical station in the country will be overcrowded, looters will fight tooth and nail to get their hands on any supplies, and if the government discovers your stockpile?

They’ll snatch it up in the name of “National Defense”

But let’s say you’ve already got your stockpile ready. Do you know how to use everything properly?

Treat the wrong illness with the wrong medicine, take the wrong pill for the wrong diagnoses, or treat a would improperly and you could be in serious trouble AND pain.

Knowing what supplies you need for what situations is the first step, but sadly this is where all other medical survival guides stop.

This is exactly why Dr. Ralph LaGuardia has stepped in to fill the gap with the most comprehensive guide to medical survival every created.

His new book The Doomsday Medicine Chest is the only book of it’s kind to show you how to really deal with a full post-disaster collapse using alternative medicine.

With it you won’t have to memorize every treatment and solution. You’ll have access to it whenever you need.
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover in this 60-page, comprehensive book*:


  • The long-forgotten spice that relieves joint, muscle, and nerve pain instantly – Page 19
  • The ‘perfect food’ that is was illegal until very recently – Page 26
  • The antioxidant vitamin you MUST HAVE ON HAND that is 6000x more powerful than Vitamin C. – Page 4
  • The ‘sea water’ mixture which can cure dozens of deadly medical problems – Page 52
  • The laundry detergent that can be used for wound care, athlete’s foot and even arthritis. Page 7
  • The flowering bush you can grow that will wipe out your allergies – Page 8
  • The spice you already have in your pantry that will cure a toothache on contact – Page 11
  • The tropical oil that helps brain function, and may even prevent alzheimer’s – Page 12
  • The Chinese mushroom that can stop asthma attacks and help those with breathing difficulty -Page 14
  • The flower oil that can be used for everything from pain to relaxation Page 30
  • The one kind of honey that will never spoil and can relieve dozens of medical issues Page 37
  • The delicious spice that is also the perfect antivirus – Page 45


  • 19 essential tools, devices, and instruments every survival medicine chest should have
  • The mineral that helps reduce risk of cancer Page 50
  • The common oil that can reduce blood pressure overnight Page 55
  • The delicious vegetable that can banish joint pain forever. Page 4
  • The plant extract anyone with diabetes had better have on hand in large quantities – Page 5

Expert preppers understand that within 48 hours, disease will be the greatest killer of those who are unprepared.

Dr. LaGuardia has written this book with that in mind. It is packed with alternative solutions to the most common medical emergencies…

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